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Frank A. Nicotera, President/CEO


Frank A. Nicotera is founder, president and chief executive officer of DTSystems, Inc.

Since founding DTSystems, Inc., in 2000, Mr. Nicotera has led the company to achieve years of profitable growth, customer loyalty and product innovation.

Mr. Nicotera received ENR Magazine’s Top 25 Newsmakers Award 2002 for developing the high technology system to effectively manage construction fill.

Mr. Nicotera earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida 1996.







Marc Lee, Head of Sales

Marc brings 25+ years’ experience in the construction industry working in a variety of sales positions for top OEMs and dealers. He is a seasoned, diligent, and growth-focused sales and business development leader skilled at orchestrating and implementing effective strategies and plans for achieving and exceeding sales and revenue growth targets.

Marc’s background in enterprise sales, OEM relationships and dealer development fills a key role at DTSystems in both sales and strategy.

Marc lives with his wife on the tiny Caribbean Island of Barbados and manages global sales for the company.



Ernesto Zachrisson, Account Executive 

With 12 years of experience in the management and knowledge of the DTS system (DTSystems and Sonitrax) in various construction projects, Mr. Zachrisson brings great support to DTSystems, Inc in the field of sales, as an account executive since 2023.
Additionally, Mr. Zachrisson obtained his bachelor’s degree in Accounting with an emphasis in commerce from the University of Panama (2018) and has 12 years of experience as an Internal Auditor.






 Hazel Joy Apple, Office Manager

Since joining DTSystems, Inc, in 2017, Ms. Apple has helped the company strive towards a larger market, increase customer satisfaction, and provide innovative marketing strategies.

Ms. Apple earned a B.S. in Movement and Sport Sciences from Purdue University in 2013.


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