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Sonitrax™ Data Track System (DTS) is the next generation Truck Tracking System. Sonitrax is a Web based system which synchronizes with a hearty network infrastructure. Below are descriptions of each Sonitrax component.

Sonitrax Scanner: Designed with the construction industry in mind, the Sonitrax scanner is both durable and convenient. Although the scanner weighs only .5 pound, it has passed the manufacturer’s high standards for drop-testing and has a water-resistant circuit board. The exterior is made of black, polycarbonate plastic and has a touch screen with an LED backlight. This device contains a long-lasting, rechargeable battery (see “Charging Station” below). A 2D Imager Engine scans the barcoded ticket then prompts for the RFID Truck Tag. The front of the scanner is then waved approximately 1” to 2” above the RFID Truck Tag and vibrates upon recognition. Then, a data record is created. The scanner can be worn on a lanyard.

Sonitrax Charging Station: The Charging Station is a base that is housed in the office in which the Sonitrax Scanner sits overnight to charge for the next day. Typically, for each scanner purchased, there will be a corresponding charging station.

Truck RFID Tags: The RFID Tags are typically placed on the truck’s door (at a convenient height) or side mirror. The exterior is made of thin, durable vinyl. The interior (not visible), spiraled antenna is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to +140°F. The diameter is approximately 1.25 inches or 3cm.

Encrypted, Bar-Coded Tickets: The encrypted bar-coded tickets are designed with your company logo and information at the top and come in a case containing multiple pads of 500 tickets each. A bar-coded ticket is provided so the driver can keep a copy of their load/dump while all of your records will be stored in a large data base (no more paper tickets to shuffle). When a trucker arrives at the load site, the scan operator scans the ticket and any other variable barcodes established by the project engineer. Then, the scan operator returns the ticket to the driver who has it scanned again upon dumping.

Bar Code Generator: Field barcode generator is integrated as part of the Client Software package. BCG is used to create barcodes that will be used by the scan operator to create data records for reporting. For example, if the project manager would like to distinguish the job site, material type, or job number, a barcode for each variable can be created and used by the scan operator to gather data in the field.

Sonitrax HUB: The HUB is a central database maintained by a comprehensive “Data Center”. Once your Sonitrax DTS is set-up, you will have access to a comprehensive web service that will collect and maintain your scans in the field with your state-of-the-art scanners synchronizing in real time at your command.
The field scan operator gathers data by scanning barcoded tickets and any variable codes pre-arranged by the project manager. Once data is gathered, the field scan operator synchronizes (sends) data to a virtual server via a WiFi connection. When the project manager is ready to view reports, they will simply go to a link on any web device and enter their credentials and access the DTS web service. Now, various reports are ready to be created and exported to many formats instantly!

Reports: Using the DTS Sonitrax Client Software, various reports can be generated using all data records stored in the main database. In addition to the guided reporting, you will have the option to export data to multiple platforms such as Microsoft Excel so you can customize your data to suit your specific needs.

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